Our Reliable Post-Construction Residential Cleaning Services Are Only a Call Away!

Most find cleaning to be a simple activity. Construction cleaning, on the other hand, is a different issue. It requires proper care and attention to guarantee that it is completed correctly. That is why you should avoid DIY projects and instead hire a professional to clean up after construction. You don’t even have to worry about pricing because you can outsource the work to JCE Cleaning Services. You may count on our outstanding construction residential cleaning service in Coachella, CA.

Why Should You Clean Your New Home?

Cleaning a newly built home is not as simple as you may imagine. Yes, you may clean it the same day you finish it. However, it requires more than that to effectively clean a newly constructed building. Before proceeding, unfilled soil, construction dust, hazardous sawdust, nails, shavings, wood chips, and other loose materials must be removed. Otherwise, you risk making your new home unclean instead of clean. You should not only clean the surfaces, but also disinfect them to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone who uses the space. Professional cleaners can assist you with this.

We’ll Clean Your New Residence!

If you leave the cleaning of your new home to JCE Cleaning Services, you should expect nothing less than exceptional results. Before we begin, we will remove all waste and trash so that there is nothing in the way of cleaning the surfaces. We’ll then clean and disinfect the surfaces, eliminate bacteria and viruses, and make sure your new home is ready for you to move in. We promise your 100% satisfaction!

With years of experience, putting your trust in professionals like us is the best option. If you require our post-construction residential cleaning service in Coachella, CA, then contact us right away at (760) 718-2651.